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Principal Agent of :-
  • M/s. Imperial Water Proofing Industries (P) Ltd. Mumbai .
    Manufacturers of RUBALOY grade NBR / PVC
  • M/s. Auropol India Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata .
    Manufacturers of Resins, Rubber & PVC Process additives, Dry Bording resins,
    Antisticking agents, fire Retardant Additives and Co-agents etc.
  • M/s. Attuned Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai .
    Manufacturers of speciality Chemicals Like Wellcure CCS. Single dose EPDM Polymers
    Accelator, Tetron A and reclaiming agents.
  • M/s. Pooja Elastomers Mumbai .
    Manufacturers of Natural & Synthetic rubber crumb powder.


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